Building Blocks For The Future

We provide therapies for special needs children and support for families.

We provide treatment for individuals diagnosed with:

Leaps & Bounds is an expert in providing ABA and IBI programs in Ontario. We have been providing this service for over 20 years.  We provide home and centre based IBI and ABA programming, behaviour management services, respite, tutoring, social skills training, psychological services as well as comprehensive assessments and diagnosis for individuals across Ontario. Our staff are highly trained and committed to doing everything possible to help your child – regardless of age.

Home (place of boy)

Trained & Certified

Our integrated team of professionals leads the field in behaviour management, targeting sensory processing techniques, auditory/visual stimuli, and developing social and communication skills.

Home in place of blocks

The Best For Your Child

Each individual is unique and our program includes pre-academic, academic, emotional regulation, life skills, and overall, promotes independence in daily life.

At Leaps and Bounds we provide a fun, friendly, nurturing and dynamic program to create a positive and engaging learning environment.  It is our belief that every individual has the capability to learn and grow regardless of their age, and it is our responsibility as therapists to adapt our teaching techniques to fit the needs of each individual client.