Respite Programs

Our Respite Service is accessible for children, adolescents and adults with a wide variety of needs throughout Ontario.

Programs are designed on an individual basis in collaboration with families or care providers. The goal is to teach and integrate positive learned skills in day to day living. Respite Services can be accessed for day, evening, and overnight hours, throughout the year.

Our unique service allows children the enriched experience of learning skills in and one to tone therapeutic setting. These skills are then generalized to their peers and other adults in the appropriate integrated community program.

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Generalized Respite

Leaps and Bounds Respite Services gives families and care providers time to rest and rejuvenate while providing individuals with an enhanced quality of life. This service focuses on providing healthy living, social skills, communication and life skills development. This is accomplished through a combination of recreational and skill building activities both in and out of the home.

Specialized Therapeutic Respite

This specialized service incorporates and integrates approaches from Applied Behavior Analysis. The focus is to teach an individual both in a structured setting as well as in the natural environment, allowing an individual to continue to learn outside of school and in alternate environments. This combination allows an individual to generalize skills over various settings and maximize their growth and developmental potential.