Play & Social Skills

Play & Social Skills Program

We provide Social Skills Training on an Individual basis or within a group program. This service is available to individuals whom have Autism, Developmental Delays, Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity Disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome, Brain Injury, Behavioural Difficulties and Communication Disorders.

The service focuses on increasing the Individuals Social and Communication Skills. Individual programs are designed to promote success and encourage positive Self -esteem. We focus on skills needed in the home, school and community environments. This program targets the following areas:

Play and social 1

The service is available in the home, school and community environments. We can also attend current social or recreational groups that the Individual is involved in and provide direct support and intervention within the group.

Play and social 2

Home Skills

Classroom Skills

Peer Interaction Skills

Play Skills

Coping with Emotions

Alternatives to Challenging Behaviours or Aggression