ABA/IBI Testimonials

“Staff are amazing and extremely helpful. Deanna is a wealth of information, and has helped me become a better advocate for my child to ensure she gets the help she needs. Very much looking forward to the spring when the Owen Sound center opens!”

Claire W., Parent

“I'm a parent, former client and staff member. My son attended the centre-based ABA/IBI program for 2 years and he also participated in 1:1 March Break ABA Camp in 2014. He is more independent now and is doing much better at school both academically and socially. He's learned a lot and has a better and bigger future in front of him thanks to Leaps and Bounds.
We love Leaps!
P.S. Maybe he will become a behaviour therapist himself one day.”

Oksana R., Parent

“We have been a part of the Leaps and Bounds family for the past three years.  When first started my son was three, completely non-verbal, incontinent and was struggling with intense behavioural issues.  Deanna and her team welcomed us with open arms after we had been turned away by other treatment proprietors.  Deanna has been a tremendous support for both my son and myself and is always willing to openly discuss any concerns, or lend guidance on any issues we may be facing.  Since Starting at Leaps and Bounds, Deanna and her team have given my son the confidence and acceptance to be able to enjoy being himself and the progress he has made is beyond incredible.  He is parroting words, using the toilet and we have seen a drastic decrease in the behaviour issues that once dominated our daily life.  All of the therapists at Leaps and Bounds are highly trained and truly love what they do.  Deanna’s knowledge and understanding of not only ASD, but of the ASD system is second to none.  I cannot say enough amazing things about this wonderful service and I am so glad we made the decision three years ago to enroll our son.  Leaps and Bounds is not only a treatment facility, it’s a family, one that I am thrilled to be a part of.”

Ms. Cheryl B, Parent

“Wonderful support to families! Amazing staff highly recommend”

Dina L., Parent

“Deanna and the entire staff at leaps and bounds are wonderful. Deanna has lots of years of experience and it shows; the children make huge strides under her care.”

Kemba T., Parent

“We noticed a great improvement in our son’s communicating skills and ability to self-regulate after he started with Leaps and Bounds.  His therapist Tammy always knows the right approach to take when working with him.  We are grateful he is able to work with her.”

Jen and Mike, Parents

“Deanna and the team at Leaps and Bounds work with us to make my sons plan.  We work together as a team, it’s not like other providers where they decide what’s best for your child not taking into account your goals, and family life balance.  They have come to school for joint meetings, work with his teachers and myself to find the best balance for him, as well as trying out different schedules to find the one that works for him, school, and our overall goals.  They also integrate school work to help him catch up to grade level so that he is able to not only integrate into the main class but thrive while there.”

Chris and Shabana, Parents

“Our son has been with Leaps and Bounds for about a year and a half now.  It is the hardest thing for a parent to trust anyone with their son let alone a non-verbal child.  The staff have all been so warm and loving and our son has improved so much.  Our son’s attention, focus, comprehension and verbal has come a long way and we couldn’t’ be happier.  He steps out of the car excited to go and learn new things and as his parents we couldn’t ask for more.  Deanna fights for the well-being of the children and we are grateful to be a part of Leaps and Bounds!!!”

Paul and Ilana, Parents

"It is with great pleasure that I express my thanks to you with all that you have done (and continue to do) for my son.  He was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3, it took some time to process and honestly we didn't know exactly what to do.  Then we found Leaps and Bounds!!!  My son has been with you since age 4...he s now 10 and a half years old and in this time we have seen tremendous gains and strides in his development!  He has come such a long way in every aspect of development thanks to you, and your extremely dedicated and knowledgeable team.  He absolutely loves attending your centre, he loves all his therapists and his friends that has made through the years.  I would highly recommend Leaps and Bounds to anyone who is looking for a place to really help their child thrive in every way!"

A.R, Parent