ICRT Testimonials

COVID-19 Related Testimonials

During my time having Covid -19 (Coronavirus) I had many different symptoms which I had been experiencing:

  • Tightness in my chest (so much so it became very difficult to breathe at times)
  • Painful aches all over my body
  • Fever
  • Nausea/ stomach pain
  • Hot/ cold sweats during the night

My mother- in- law also experienced these symptoms but at a much higher degree. For a number of days she was confined to her bed. She was in such discomfort that if she would move or turn her body the wrong way, things would just get worse. She also experienced swelling around her ankles and very irritated skin.

About three days into finding out we had Covid, we began to use the ICR mat. We were placed on a Covid protocol, which consisted of various settings that would target the various symptoms of Covid. Within a few days of using the mat we noticed that our levels of discomfort changed at an impeccable rate. We found it was a lot easier to breathe, our aches and pains were almost gone, and we actually slept better at night.  The mats were really the only thing that offered us relief, no over the counter medications such as Advil/ Tylenol could do what the mats did for us.


Hello everybody, I will introduce myself, I am Gabrielle Tabaracci orthopedic 70 years old. I got to know SEQEX about 20 years ago and since then I have been using it regularly in the studio and at home (I have Seqex Fam) with decidedly remarkable results which I will tell you about on another occasion. Now I wanted to tell you what happened in this dire situation. On March 8, symptoms of corona virus appeared (fever 38.5 and persistent cough asthenia) I did not have hospital care. I started using 2 overlapping Fams (one on top of the other) using microcirculation and skeletal muscle with the night program. After 7-8 days I no longer had a fever and the cough is almost completely gone. I have not taken any kind of drugs, completed my quarantine and today I have absolutely no symptoms and I continue to do the therapy every night. Greetings to everyone

Gabrielle, Italy

Hi my name is Sandra, I was given the ICR mat for treatment of Covid symptoms and anxiety. I used it for about 2 1/2 weeks and had amazing results with no side effects. I used it in the mornings for energy boosting, in the afternoon as well as the evenings for relaxation and slept on it overnight for rejuvenation. Overall, I would recommend this mat. It is truly a miracle invention.


Additional Testimonials 

“I have experienced tinnitus and ear pain for 2-3 years which was very debilitating. After 1-2 treatments with Seqex device for “Theta” wavelength for 36 min, the tinnitus disappeared and for the first time I have experienced a normal quiet state of being with no ringing in my ears. I would highly recommend the Seqex machine for tinnitus, ringing in the ears, excessive EMF or vibrations in the body or electrical sensitivity in the body.”

Angela Greco BScPT, BAPE, D.O.M.P., SPC©, CAT(s), RKin

“After injuring my neck, which resulted in severe pain and very limited mobility, I immediately pursued treatment with my physiotherapist. She assessed my condition and concluded it would take four weeks of treatments to remedy. After only three Seqex treatments, I was pain free and my mobility in my neck improved significantly. It has been an effective tool to help my body recharge and reduce inflammation.”

Ross Parr, Fire Chief

“Throughout the past four months I have had the opportunity to undergo treatments on the Seqex bed during the trial period at our station. By only having access to the bed during my shifts, the difference in my range of motion and the reduction of my lower back is evident when compared to my time off shift when I am not using Seqex. During my days off (and away from the Seqex) the lower back pain and stiffness that I have experienced for years gradually returns, only to be relieved again when treatments resumed. Perhaps the most noticeable benefit is the improvement of sleep quality upon returning home after a shift where I had an opportunity to use the Seqex.”

Ryan Martin, Firefighter

“I have benefited in many ways from using my Seqex mat over the past few years. At one point, arthritis was increasing in my lower back and legs to the degree that I was finding it difficult to get in and out of a car. After a period of using my may daily for less than 3 months I felt so much of the arthritis was gone that I was easily hopping in and out of any vehicle.” P. Ashby
“This is CRAZY! I was in chronic pain and now I’m free of that after only 3 treatments. I was floored! There is nothing worse than chronic pain…. it’s debilitating. PEMF has really been a great thing: the results say it all!”

Jack T.

“I am a firm believer in using an integrated approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This approach brings together proper nutrition, exercise and recovery measures that help my body bounce back from the wear and tear of every day life. I use SEQEX ICR (Ion Cyclotron Resonance) therapy as one of the recovery measures that helps my body inflammation, improve circulation and relieve post exercise soreness. It has been an effective tool to help keep my body recharged and reduce pain.”

Gary Roberts – NHL veteran and Stanley Cup Winner

“Within one month of Seqex therapy, the pain I was experiencing from kidney stones was gone. PEMF was instrumental in helping me cope with the pain and for that reason I highly recommend it to people interested in a holistic way of healing inflammation, pain and for general preventive health care.”

ML Di Paolo

“My experience with PEMF was a critical and important part of my early healing journey following and extraordinarily painful fall and broken wrist. My pain is notably reduced and the speed of the bone mending increased.”

Lynda K.

"ICR induces a state of relaxation and calm almost instantaneously. After a full session I'm feeling mentally clear and my nerves are tamed. Definitely recommended!"