ICRT Autism Testimonials

"Our daughter has been fortunate to have been the recipient of ABA therapy with Leaps and Bounds now for almost 4 years. During that time, progress has been steady...but since adding in the ICR therapy in March, we have seen some amazing changes.  Our daughter went from maybe only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night to getting a solid 10-12 - and this change was in the first two weeks.  We had tried melatonin, making sure she had no distractions, routines, anything you could think of - but nothing was working.  So, because of the solid sleep, she is well rested in the mornings, eager for her therapy to start, more attentive.  Within the first month we also noticed a huge upswing in her eye contact with us; and words that we always had to prompt her to say started flowing naturally, and with much less hesitation.  Meltdowns have become more of an unusual occurrence.  Toilet training has progressed.  Her vocabulary skills (both verbal and visual) and level of understanding progressed two years in just four months, based on tests administered at the start and at the four-month mark.

Most recently, she has started to sing.  In the last week, it has gone from her only singing the first few lines of the song (somewhat unclearly) to singing the full thing - clearly, and without it playing in the background.  She now has 3-4 songs in her repertoire! She has also been far more interested in playing with us, rather than playing alone.  It’s been a joy to have her take us by the hand, look us in the eye, and ask us to play.

I’m happy we started this.  I can’t say for sure how much of her progression is due to the ICR therapy or her ABA, but there are too many positive, amazing things that have come out of the last six months that I know it isn’t just the ABA alone.  The team at Leaps have been amazing too, giving lots of support and continuous follow up.  Definitely would recommend giving ICR a try."

Claire W., Parent


"We have been part of leaps and bounds since 1998. Marco was 6 years old, over the years Deanna along with her team developed and refined Marco’s specialized programming.  The milestones achieved were to say the least incredible.  These past few months of what everyone is calling our “new normal” I reached out to Deanna.  With everything on hold, I noticed a small regression in Marco, it was affecting his sleep and in turn our sleep.  She suggested ICR therapy, from the moment Marco started therapy within about a week, we noticed better sleep as well as a calmer demeanour throughout the course of the day.  In addition, Marco being somewhat non-verbal had more spontaneous language, otherwise known as expressive language.  We wish to further continue the ICR therapy for the benefits are immensely helpful to one’s overall well-being."

Maddie & Marco D.